Parotec-It C81 laadkoffer 16 iPads

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Parotec-IT iNsync C81 robuuste koffer voor 16 iPads (met of zonder beschermhoes) of 9-11" tablets laden, synchroniseren (optioneel) en transporteren.

C81 houses up to 16 x tablet devices, up to a 10.1" display, fitted with cases up to the likes of the Griffin Survivor & Joy aXtion.

Each slot inside each unit protects the designated tablet device, due to its multi-layered foam insert that will prevent damage inflicting on the device when operational. Charging is made possible due to the surface mounted, 16 USB ports. The unit’s surface is made of high quality ABS, finished off in a stylish grey colour.

Simplicity Of The Sync (optie)
Maximum Parotec Protection

The Parotec case in which the system is built in is made of high quality, durable plastic; it is also shockproof giving absolute maximum protection. It has self-oiling wheels and an extendable handle to facilitate moving from location to location with ease.

The newly designed unit now features dual fans to keep the internal components cool when in operation; devices can now be charged and synced with the lid closed due to the power inlet being on the exterior of the case. The case can also be padlocked to prevent any unwanted access to the unit.

Wordt zonder laadkabels geleverd, kan direct erbij besteld worden (zie opties).

Aantal iPad's: 16
Geschikt voor: iPad Air, Tablet 9"-11"
Formaat (bxdxh): -
Maximale dikte iPad en tablets met case: 25 mm
Gewicht: leeg 18, vol 29 kg
Synchronisatiefunctie: Ja optioneel iNsync
Oplaadfunctie: Ja standaard iNcharge en iNsync
Stroomkabel: Ja EU stekker
Afsluitbaar: Ja
Handgreep: Ja
Garantie: 2 jaar volledig
Overige: wielen, waterproof, schokbestendig, defensienorm, NATO, geschikt voor JOY aXion en Griffin survivor covers
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