Parotec-It Parasync 20x iPad Mini: Charge & Sync

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Met dit desktop station geen hinder van losse kabels en daarbij ook nog simultaan laden en synchroniseren van de iPads Mini. De meegeleverde beschermhoezen zorgen voor extra bescherming. Uitbreidbaar tot 4 stations.

The Parasync allows up to 20 iPad Minis to be charged and synchronised simulateniousy. The durable, attractive and lightweight docking solution makes managing devices easier than ever. The Parasync is very portable due to its small form factor.

Cables are eliminated! Simply insert device in a slot to charge and sync. The new slider system keeps the pins protected and your device secure. PARASYNC functions universally with all iPas mini models with the Lightning conector.

The Parasync can be used with the Parotec Solutions iPad cases. The case provides high protection with rubberised corners and comes in two styles. The ordinary cover exposes the home button allowing full use of all the iPad's features and functions; the alternate case covers up the home button preventing people from leaving a desired application, this is a feature museums use.
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